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For Shoppers
If you love mobile apps and being online, then you already know the power of the web to find you the best deal everywhere. But no matter what deals we find online, some of our best memories come from shopping locally with the people and places we are familiar with. Local people, local places, local prices. LocalPrices helps us find the best prices and deals in our own neighborhood.
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Photo: Each offer features a photo, description, map and photo of the store.
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Location: Each offer also includes a detailed map so you know how close the store is.
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Details: Each offer is described in plain language. Just walk into a store to claim it.

Watch the video
Watch this 2 minute video about the LocalPrices app from a shopper’s perspective including finding and viewing offers, setting favorites and alerts.

Connect local merchants with local shoppers. LocalPrices helps local merchants quickly advertise their latest deals to shoppers via mobile, web, social and print. It’s ideal for newspapers, malls, markets, and so much more!

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