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For Merchants
Not everything can be planned for. Things like cancelled orders or cancelled appointments, excess goods at the end of day, perishable stock that might spoil quickly, or a bulk purchase that you need to turn around quickly, all create challenges. Each day is filled with time critical problems that need to be resolved quickly and effectively. LocalPrices helps local merchants find the customers they need - now!
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Attract: Take a great photo to attract people to your offer, or use one from your gallery.
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Offer: Set a price that will move people off their chairs and into your store.
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Invite: In a few words, describe what you have to offer. Make it dynamic!

Great ideas for creating an amazing offer
Just 3 examples from our huge list of suggestions.
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Let people know they can lose weight if they only eat donuts!
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Discounts work best on products that are already popular.
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Selling cake? Sell the fun too. Sell it with style and a smile!

Watch the video
Watch this 3 minute video to learn how to create and manage your offers using our mobile app.

Connect local merchants with local shoppers. LocalPrices helps local merchants quickly advertise their latest deals to shoppers via mobile, web, social and print. It’s ideal for newspapers, malls, markets, and so much more!

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