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1. Merchants enter an offer.
LocalPrices solves two of the biggest problems merchants face when placing ads or marketing: time and money. Time to create and organize the ad, and the money to see it successfully promoted. Merchants use your branded version of the LocalPrices app to quickly enter an offer that will be instantly pushed out to the local community. Learn more about offers here.
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2. Offer is broadcast.
Merchants can start an offer immediately, or set it to start at a future date/time. Once the offer starts, shoppers who have the app can see the offer in a simple list and detailed view, that will also include contact and location details. Offers from all your merchants can also be pushed out to your website and Facebook page too so they can be shared.
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3. Revenue is generated.
Setup a profitable subscription service around LocalPrices. Charge your advertisers a monthly fee to participate in this existing new opportunity. You can also up-sell to additional distribution channels such as Facebook, print and your own newspaper or publication!
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4. Manage the offers.
From end to end, we’ve created a system that needs minimum input from you. Everything is self-service for the merchant. On mobile, the merchant has access to a dashboard area that lets him create and manage his own offers, and monitor performance. Additionally, you can monitor each merchant using our web based admin platform
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5. Manage the merchants.
The LocalPrices system also includes a web based admin program. It lets you manage merchant applications to use the system, review the offers they create and also monitor sales. It’s very simple to use, but if you still need help, we can manage this side for you. Please call for pricing on this service.

Connect local merchants with local shoppers. LocalPrices helps local merchants quickly advertise their latest deals to shoppers via mobile, web, social and print. It’s ideal for newspapers, malls, markets, and so much more!

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