A mobile based platform for Media Companies, Shopping Centers, Local Markets, Tourism, Local Organizations, and so much more!

Help merchants quickly advertise their latest offers and specials to local shoppers.

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Media Companies
If you're a newspaper, radio or advertising company looking to expand your range of advertising services to clients and merchants, then we can help. LocalPrices helps you build a strong and profitable network of advertisers by providing a simple, convenient way for advertisers to broadcast their latest offers and specials instantly to their local community. Learn More
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Shopping Centers
Let shoppers know instantly what's happening in your mall. Now they can find the best deals before they walk in the door. Food shops can advertise new specials the same day. Fashion stores can promote newly arrived stock. Supermarkets can instantly broadcast specials that might only be available for an hour or two. LocalPrices makes it easy for your merchants to connect with more shoppers . Learn More
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Local Markets
Shoppers love going to local markets where they can feel the atmosphere and flavor of their local community. But typically merchants won't know what they'll have or at what prices until that day. Using your own branded mobile apps, market merchants can quickly promote the items and produce they have on special to attract more shoppers and more business. Learn More
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For tourism
Tourist associations are always looking for new and innovative ways to promote their regions. When tourists arrive at your local airport, or drive past your town's welcome sign, greet them with a sign that promotes your app full of activities and special discounts they can get in your community. It's a brilliant way for your merchants to connect with visitors. Learn More
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Local Organizations
Local, state and national organizations including government and commercial associations, play a vital role in the economic vitality of their communities. LocalPrices provides a simple, easy way to promote local businesses, local places and local produce. Using your own branded mobile apps, your merchants can promote themselves beyond your borders. Learn More
Connect local merchants with local shoppers. LocalPrices helps local merchants quickly advertise their latest deals to shoppers via mobile, web, social and print. It’s ideal for newspapers, malls, markets, and so much more!

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